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salad chopper
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salad chopper

each: $7.99

Prepara’s salad chopper is a modern take on a traditional cutting tool. This durable plastic chopper won’t chip ceramic dishes or scratch non-stick surfaces. The material also prevents the browning of lettuce caused by metal knives.

The oolu salad chopper can be used with three distinct grips. The ‘bowl grip’ is ideal for making quick work of chopping a salad into manageable bites. The ‘dicing grip’ puts your hand in a perfect position for rolling oolu back and forth for super-fast fine chopping. The ‘knife grip’ has oolu being held like a standard knife to shred herbs and salad ingredients.

key features and benefits

what our customers are saying

"I eat a lot of salads, so I've come to love this handy salad bowl chopper. Just toss your veggies and whatnot in a bowl and chop away until everything is in bite size pieces. The best part – the plastic blade won't scratch the bowl."
- Margaret K.

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product dimensions:
height: 8.1” (205 mm)
width: 1.4” (34 mm)
depth: 4.6” (116 mm)