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herb shear
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herb shear

[spring green]
each: $14.99


The perfect tool for adding a burst of fresh flavor to any dish. Many recipes call for a final flourish of fresh herbs to be added just before serving. It's now easier than ever with our 3-blade herb shears. With a few quick squeezes of the spring loaded handles, you'll have a shower of perfectly even sheared strips. Best of all, the Herb Shears won't bruise and blacken fine leaves like rolling or rotary blade herb cutters can.

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what our customers are saying

"Since I have an herb garden in my backyard, I have the luxury of having fresh herbs on hand all summer long. Prepara's Herb Shears make it so easy to add beautifully chopped fresh herbs to your food, that even when I'm cooking for myself my meals look like they were made by a chef!"
- Heather K.

product dimensions:
height: 8
width: 1