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chef's basting set
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chef's basting set

each: $19.99
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Baste like a chef! Our revolutionary basting set resides next to your stovetop and provides quick and easy one-handed access for brushing a perfectly thin coat of oil onto your sauté pan or basting your roasted poultry with delicious juices. With the high quality glass jar you can even throw it in the microwave and melt some butter to brush onto your freshly baked bread or pastries.

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what our customers are saying

I do a lot of stir fry and sauteing, so I got this to lightly oil my pans. The squeeze brush sucks oil up through a straw tube, so the oil in the bottom stays clean and covered up. I leave it filled next to the stove so it's always ready - I like how it only takes one hand to use.- Susan C.

This makes a great sauce mop for brushing on grilling sauces or basting with stock or olive oil. It's handy to keep by the BBQ grill. If I have a thick sauce, I pop out the green tube so I can dip the brush right in. - Burt F.

product dimensions:
height: 6.2
width: 3.9
depth: 3.9