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Prepara Dressing Whiz
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dressing whiz

each: $29.99


The elegantly effortless way to make and serve homemade salad dressings. With a push of a button, the aerating propeller quickly and quietly blends your dressing, even right at the table. Great for making marinades, or just to give your store bought dressing a more thorough blending.

It’s perfect for making all types of dressings - from Italian to homemade buttermilk ranch - and ideal for emulsifying and serving simple vinaigrettes that separate easily.

key features and benefits

what our customers are saying

"I try to eat a big fresh salad at least once a day. I prefer to make my own salad dressing since I try to eat healthy and avoid chemical ingredients. With my Dressing Whiz I can make any kind of dressing I like, and I know exactly what goes into my food. I've been inspired to go online and try out new recipes (the markings on the side make it very easy to measure ingredients). And I think the best part is that if the oil and vinegar starts to separate, I can just push the little button and blend it all back up. It's so convenient and handy, but most of all it's fun to watch it whizzing away!"
- Hannah, OK.

product dimensions:
height: 7.5
width: 2.8
depth: 2.8